[Mondrian] XMLA requests don't return invisible members

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Apr 17 18:21:50 EDT 2008

I've made that change, and logged bug 1945278
58645&atid=488472> Ignore MDSCHEMA_MEASURES where IS_MEMBER_VISIBLE is false
against jpivot.
Calculated members are still returned.


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Subject: RE: [Mondrian] XMLA requests don't return invisible members

The xmla behaviour of mondrian was changed at a certain point in time and
broke everything in jpivot (calculated members, slicers, ...) , so a lot of
patches where necessary to make it work again.
One of them was change 8424, that fixed two things : 
* first of all, no calculated members where returned at all
* To be compatible with the previous version of mondrian (at that time) and
to match jpivot behaviour, only visible members where returned.
* I don't remember if the IS_MEMBER_VISIBLE flag was available at that time.
I have checked old xmla message I stored at the time I wrote this change,
and the visible flag was not available for members and calculated members
(only for dimensions and levels).
It's ok that this behaviour is changed, so returning all calculated members,
with a visible flag, if jpivot is changed in the same way.


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Subject: [Mondrian] XMLA requests don't return invisible members

Mondrian's XMLA server does not return members that are flagged as
invisible. This seems a little strange to me, since the XMLA provides an
attribute IS_MEMBER_VISIBLE and we could simply return the member with
Here are the two changes that implemented this behavior:

*	7052 emberson "XMLA was not paying attention to the measure visible
flag/property" http://perforce.eigenbase.org:8080/@md=d

*	8424 jhyde "XMLA requests emit regular and calculated members, but
only if visible. (Contributed by Bart Pappyn.)"

Can the contributors please comment why they needed this behavior, and why
it was not acceptable to simply emit invisible members with

This behavior makes it difficult for the XMLA olap4j driver to be compatible
with the mondrian olap4j driver. So, I'd like to reverse this behavior, and
have MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS return all members, visible and invisible. Let me know
if this would cause problems.

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