[Mondrian] the new Exists function ( Eigenbase perforce change 10864 for review )

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Apr 17 13:48:53 EDT 2008

Thanks - I've been looking forward to the EXISTS function for a long time.
We can potentially do some exciting things with it, such as pushing down to
native sql since it is essentially a semijoin.

This introduced a test failure under jdk 1.4. I expect it to reproduce on
every database. A log file needs to be updated:

     [java] Tests run: 1814,  Failures: 2,  Errors: 0
Running test with JDK=jdk1.4 retroweave=true database=oracle props={
     [java] 1)
ailure: expected:<......> but was:<...Exists</FUNCTION_NAME>


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