[Mondrian] Help: Alternative MDX function to LinkMember()

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Apr 2 15:11:36 EDT 2008

I've looked at the threads, and made comments on a couple of them.
RE. the LinkMember feature request. Frankly it's not particularly high
priority. Contributions welcome, of course.
Re. your MDX query... I'm hoping someone in the community will help you
there. I don't have much time to debug MDX.


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Thanks Julian for responding.
1) Please refer to the following threads:
2) I will log the feature request. Can you advise how long it would take to
get this feature (I imagines its not the only one being worked on...)
3) This is my case:
I have an MDX that reads:  

select NON EMPTY {[Time_Cutoff].[All Time_Cutoff].[2006].[2Q].[Jun],
[Time_Cutoff].[All Time_Cutoff].[2006].[3Q].[Jul], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2006].[3Q].[Aug], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2006].[3Q].[Sep], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2006].[4Q].[Oct], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2006].[4Q].[Nov], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2006].[4Q].[Dec], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2007].[1Q].[Ene], [Time_Cutoff].[All
Time_Cutoff].[2007].[1Q].[Feb]} ON COLUMNS,

  NON EMPTY {[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[2Q].[Jun],
[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[3Q].[Jul], [Time_Issue].[All
Time_Issue].[2006].[3Q].[Aug], [Time_Issue].[All
Time_Issue].[2006].[3Q].[Sep], [Time_Issue].[All
Time_Issue].[2006].[4Q].[Oct], [Time_Issue].[All
Time_Issue].[2006].[4Q].[Nov], [Time_Issue].[All
Time_Issue].[2006].[4Q].[Dec]} ON ROWS

from [Cube] where [Measures].[Risk%]

Note: (C_Year = TimeCutoff Year, I_Year = TimeIssue Year)

                                 C_Year: 2006

                                 C_Qtr 2   C_Qtr3

                                 C_Mth6    C_Mth7    C_Mth8     C_Mth9
C_Mth10    C_Mth11     C_Mth12         

I_Year  I_Qtr   I_Mth  

2006    2Q        4          3.60         7.00         10.50        12.60
17.50         22.20          24.90

                       5          0.80         4.20           7.50
10.40        14.30         18.10          21.40

                       6          0.00         0.80           4.60
8.20        12.90         16.30          20.70    

            3Q       7                         0.00           0.60
3.60          7.60         12.40          16.90

                       8                                           0.00
0.60          5.10          8.90          14.60 


What I need is a generic MDX that would generate the followin result:




I_Year  I_Qtr   I_Mth  

2006    2Q        4          10.50       

                       5          10.40        

                       6          12.90         

            3Q       7          12.40          

                       8          14.60 

Both Time Dimensions have the same structure (ie: Time.All
Time.Year.Qtr.Month); I need to maintain 2 separate Time dimensions.
As noted in the posts, I have tried to build the SET I'm looking for
(translated here and in the above example to: Períodos Cortes=TimeCutoff,
Períodos Cosehcas as TimeIssue) using:
SET [TEST_cast] as 'StrToSet("{[TimeCutoff]\\.[All
TimeCtoff]\\.[CAST([TimeIssue].CurrentMember.Lag(-4).Parent.Parent.Name AS
STRING)]\\.[CAST([TimeIssue].CurrentMember.Lag(-4).Parent.Name AS
STRING)]\\.[CAST([TimeIssue].CurrentMember.Lag(-4).Name AS STRING)]}",
I have placed the above in the MDX builder in Workbench, along with other
Members and no problems... thinking it's working, I try to use it in the
select, I get an error message something along the lines of "...make sure
... is not a Hierarchy or Dimension..."
I hope you can help... Regards, Daniel Murray

2008/4/2, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com>: 

Sorry, I can't think of an alternative if you've tried StrToMember already.
We should really implement LinkMember. Can you log a feature request at
SF.net please?
Also, can you send a link to your posts re. StrToSet and StrToMember? I
don't remember seeing them.


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Subject: [Mondrian] Help: Alternative MDX function to LinkMember()

Please advise what is a valid function in Mondrian instead of using
In MSSQL Anaysis I can use:
Member [Measures].[Risk 4thMonth] as
LinkMember(ParallelPeriod([Time_Issue].[Time_Issue] .[Month],
-4, [Time_Issue].[Time_Issue].CurrentMember),
{[Measures].[Risk 4thMonth]} ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY {[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[2Q].[Jun],
[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[3Q].[Jul], [Time_Issue].[All

This is an alternative route to previous questions posted on the Mondrian
forum concerning problems with StrToSet and SetToStr.

I´d appeciate anyone's help... Thanks, DMurray3

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