[Mondrian] Help: Alternative MDX function to LinkMember()

Daniel Murray dtmurray3 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 12:48:03 EDT 2008

Please advise what is a valid function in Mondrian instead of using

In MSSQL Anaysis I can use:

Member [Measures].[Risk 4thMonth] as
*LinkMember*(ParallelPeriod([Time_Issue].[Time_Issue] .[Month],
-4, [Time_Issue].[Time_Issue].CurrentMember),
{[Measures].[Risk 4thMonth]} ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY {[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[2Q].[Jun],
[Time_Issue].[All Time_Issue].[2006].[3Q].[Jul], [Time_Issue].[All

This is an alternative route to previous questions posted on the Mondrian
forum concerning problems with StrToSet and SetToStr.

I´d appeciate anyone's help... Thanks, DMurray3
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