[Mondrian] Re: Mondrian: Question about your change 8710

Rushan Chen rchen at lucidera.com
Thu Sep 27 16:19:29 EDT 2007

Currently there's actually no "cardinality" cache in the form of 
(column, cardinality) pairs for columns referenced in a relational 
constraint. What we have is storing the cardinality result in the 
in-memory structure representing the column. If there are multiple 
copies of this representation for the same column, we could not take 
advantage of previously calculated cardinality result.

An example how this might happen is when a MDX references a virtual cube 
and selects measures from different base cubes, the aggregate loading 
are against different fact tables but with the same column constraints. 
Because each cube has its set of column representations, the cardinality 
queries are repeated. In this case, only the first load should issue 
issue the cardinality queries and the subsequent load should be able to 
reuse that result. Similarly, if a user were to issue two MDXs against 
different cubes but using some shared dimensions, the second MDX should 
be able to see the cached cardinality from the first MDX.

I am going to check in a fix to add the (column, cardinality) cache like 
you expected. This is stored in the RolapSchema so it can be shared 
across different cubes.


Julian Hyde wrote:
> The cache is relational not dimensional - it works in terms of (column,
> value) pairs rather then members - so it made sense to switch to a
> relational constraint. I think we use dimensional constraints occasionally,
> but I want to move away from that.
> I had no idea that we were losing the caching. We should reinstate that. Can
> you log a bug for that?
> It starts me thinking - yet again - that we should have a performance
> regression test. In this case, it would help to have a test which records
> every single SQL statement executed for a particular query. We couldn't
> maintain too many such tests, but a small number would help to raise flags
> when something fundamental has changed.
> Cc:ing the other developers in case they have some ideas.
> Julian
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>> Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 10:51 AM
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>> Subject: Mondrian: Question about your change 8710
>> Hi Julian,
>> Recently I have been doing some comparison of generated SQLs 
>> between two 
>> mondrian versions we use here at LucidEra. The two versions are based 
>> off the branches //open/lu/mondrian (call it Release A)and 
>> //open/lu/release/mondrian/countzero(Release B)
>> One of the differences I noticed is the increased number of 
>> this query  
>> issued to optimize  column constraint  pushdown(into SQL) during 
>> aggregate loading:
>> select count(distinct levelColumn) from  dimensionTable;
>> Previously in Release A, with the same connection, there will just be 
>> one such query per dimension column; In release B, these queries are 
>> repeated even for the same column. One of the reasons that 
>> the result is 
>> no longer cached is that the constraint type has changed from 
>> MemberColumnConstraint to ValueColumnConstraint, which does not have 
>> associated RolapLevel to cache the result into. This change 
>> was made in 
>> changelist 8710, to file RolapLevel.java(revision # 48, 
>> search for "new 
>> MemberColumnConstraint"). The code currently has a permanent "false" 
>> condition so MemberColumnConstraint will never be used.
>> Can you recall the reason for this change? I am looking to 
>> make caching 
>> work again for column cardinality queries; and would like to 
>> understand 
>> what problems these changes in the past are trying to solve 
>> so as not to 
>> break anything.
>> Thanks,
>> Rushan

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