[Mondrian] Bugs in XMLA execute + tabulat format

Julio Caubín jcaubin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 11:04:40 EDT 2007


We are working in a ADOMD.NET based OLAP client. The
AdomdCommand.ExecuteReader() Method uses the XMLA execute tabular format. We
have found some bugs in this Mondrian interface (bug 1801218 in
sourceforge). We have fixed some of them . In the attached files I send a
modified mondrian.xmla.XmlaHandler.MDDataSet_Tabular class and some test
cases. The test cases are based in the AS2005 XMLA (we are pragmatic and
took it as a XMLA standard implementation). The changes are anotated with a
//JC: commentary. I hope they could be useful.

Sorry for my poor English. Atentamente JCaubin
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