[Mondrian] The methodMondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAliasreturns null confuse me.

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Mondrian is open-source, so you can get the source code and make the appropriate change, test it, and submit it for check-in.  This will be the fastest way for you to get up and running.  


Everyone on this list is extremely helpful and will offer guidance.






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hello, Julian


I have done it following your guidance, unluckily it dosen't work, neither.


'cause in code 

 subRelation = relationSubset(relation, expression.getTableAlias());


 expression.getTableAilas() can never get the table alias,

 'cause in the class ExpressionViews the method getTableAlias is not implemented, 

which always returns null.


so subRelation = null;

then in the mothed 


query.addFrom(subRelation, null, failIfExists);


cause subRelation is null, it always throws the exception


throw Util.newInternal("bad relation type " + relation);


I have logged this bug. I wish you fix as soon as possible , thanks. 


Best regards,

Zhang Jianzhong




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Zhang Jian Zhong,


You're definitely seeing a bug. I think your schema is valid, but mondrian isn't handling it correctly - the relation parameter in the methods you cited should never be null. Even if your schema were invalid, mondrian should give a better error message than that.


I have a hunch that what is causing the bug is that the aliases are different from the table names. Change the table aliases to be the same as the table names, and I think the problem will go away. Let us know if that works.


Please log a bug at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=35302&atid=414613 so that this problem gets fixed.





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	Subject: Re: [Mondrian] The method MondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAliasreturns null confuse me.

	I also had the same problem. This is related to using a KeyExpression, ParentExpression, etc. inside a Dimension with a Join.
	If you remove the KeyExpression, probably everything's fine. Not sure what's supposed to happen here, maybe someone from the developing team would know. 
	Just a thought : If you create a View in your Database that is a inner join of the two tables involved in the dimension, you'll be able to use it as a dimension table and eliminate this problem also (this way you may use the KeyExpression). 
	Best regards,
	Eduardo Andrade

	On 9/10/07, 张建中 <zhangjianzhong at revenco.com> wrote: 

	I'm a freshman to Modrian OLAP. 

	In my project I defined a "Dimension" 


	<Dimension name="Brand">
	  <Hierarchy hasAll="true" primaryKey="BRND_CD" primaryKeyTable="REF_TR_BRND">
	   <Join leftKey="COOPR_CD"  rightKey="COOPR_CD">
	    <Table name="TR_BRND" schema="REF" alias="REF_TR_BRND" />
	    <Table name="TR_COOPR" schema="REF" alias="REF_TR_COOPR" />
	   <Level name="Cooprator" column="COOPR_CD"
	    uniqueMembers="true" table="REF_TR_COOPR">
	     <SQL dialect="db2">RTRIM(REF_TR_COOPR.COOPR_CD)</SQL>
	    <Property name="Cooprator Name"
	     column="COOPR_NAM" type="String" />
	   <Level name="Brand" column="BRND_CD"
	    uniqueMembers="true" table="REF_TR_BRND">
	    <Property name="Brand Name" column="BRND_NAM"


	it refers two tables so I used a "Join" relation, then 'cause the datas in the column "COOPR_CD" have spcaces ,so I use a KeyExpression

	then my nightmare began , when I query my cube  using MDX : 


	select  {[Brand].Members} ON ROWS
	from [Communication User Count Daily Analysis];


	 Mondrian show me a error tip 

	"Mondrian Error:Internal error: bad relation type null" 


	I debug the code ,tracing again again. To my surprise, I found that in the source code ,the logical seems something confusing and I just fall in the pit... Let me show you.


	In class RolapHierarchy , the method addToFrom follows it's statement,then it use the "expression.getTableAlias()", which always returns a "null" . which leads the error  "bad relation type null" in the following method addFrom.


	Could you help me make the method MondrianDef.ExpressionView.getTableAlias available ? 




	void addToFrom(SqlQuery query, MondrianDef.Expression expression) {
	        if (relation == null) {
	            throw Util.newError(
	                    "cannot add hierarchy " + getUniqueName() +
	                    " to query: it does not have a <Table>, <View> or <Join>");
	        final boolean failIfExists = false;
	        MondrianDef.Relation subRelation = relation;
	        if (relation instanceof MondrianDef.Join) {
	            if (expression != null) {
	                // Suppose relation is
	                //   (((A join B) join C) join D)
	                // and the fact table is
	                //   F
	                // and our expression uses C. We want to make the expression
	                //   F left join ((A join B) join C).
	                // Search for the smallest subset of the relation which
	                // uses C.
	                subRelation = relationSubset(relation, expression.getTableAlias());


	        query.addFrom(subRelation, null, failIfExists);





	public boolean addFrom(final MondrianDef.Relation relation,
	                           final String alias,
	                           final boolean failIfExists)
	        if (relation instanceof MondrianDef.View) {
	            final MondrianDef.View view = (MondrianDef.View) relation;
	            final String viewAlias = (alias == null)
	                    ? view.getAlias()
	                    : alias;
	            final String sqlString = view.getCodeSet().chooseQuery(dialect);


	            return addFromQuery(sqlString, viewAlias, false);


	        } else if (relation instanceof MondrianDef.Table) {
	            final MondrianDef.Table table = (MondrianDef.Table) relation;
	            final String tableAlias = (alias == null)
	                    ? table.getAlias()
	                    : alias;


	            return addFromTable(table.schema, table.name, tableAlias,
	                table.getFilter(), failIfExists);


	        } else if (relation instanceof MondrianDef.Join) {
	            final MondrianDef.Join join = (MondrianDef.Join) relation;
	            final String leftAlias = join.getLeftAlias();
	            final String rightAlias = join.getRightAlias();


	            boolean addLeft = addFrom(join.left, leftAlias, failIfExists);
	            boolean addRight = addFrom(join.right, rightAlias, failIfExists);


	            boolean added = addLeft || addRight;
	            if (added) {


	                dialect.quoteIdentifier(leftAlias, join.leftKey, buf);
	                buf.append(" = ");
	                dialect.quoteIdentifier(rightAlias, join.rightKey, buf);


	            return added;


	        } else {
	            throw Util.newInternal("bad relation type " + relation);





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