[Mondrian] Iterable ResultStyle vs List ResultStyle

Robin Tharappel rtharappel at prospricing.com
Tue Sep 4 17:03:57 EDT 2007



In reviewing tracker 1755778 (Cross Join with Filter returns empty
result set), it appears that the type of ResultStyle impacts the result
set returned in some cases. Using JDK 1.5 the Iterable ResultStyle will
be used and the List ResultStyle will be used with JDK 1.4.  Given the
following MDX:


WITH SET [#DataSet#] as 'Filter(Crossjoin({[Store].[All Stores]},
{[Customers].[All Customers]}), 
[Measures].[Unit Sales] > 0)' 
SELECT {[Measures].[Unit Sales]} ON COLUMNS, 
{[#DataSet#] } ON ROWS FROM Sales



Using the Iterable ResultStyle (with JDK 1.5) an empty result set is
returned. However if I force the ResultStyle to List the correct result
set is returned. It appears that the List implementation is evaluating
the expressions while the list is created.  The Iterable implementation
evaluates the expressions during iteration. Should the Iterable
ResultStyle evaluate the expressions when it is created (similar to the
List ResultStyle) ?  







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