[Mondrian] Shared levels idea.

Ognjen Milic ognjen.milic at asw.eu
Fri Oct 26 01:41:36 EDT 2007

Julian Hyde wrote:
> Shared levels are not an idea I've come across before. Can you elaborate?
> Are there any other products which have this feature? I'd be especially
> interested if the products are MDX based, and to see some examples for how
> this would work in MDX.
> I can't promise to do anything with shared levels at this stage. The best
> thing you can do is to create an enhancement request at SF.net and to
> specify the feature. We don't need a design for how it would be implemented,
> but some MDX examples would be crucial.
> Julian
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>> Is it possible to include shared levels in some of the future 
>> versions. 
>> This would be usefull when some objects have more possible parents in 
>> hierarchy and grouping are possible between them.
>> Product type - Product
>> Product manufacturer - Product
>> We can mix Product type / Product manufacturer and still 
>> lowest level is 
>> Product.
>> Ognjen
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For an exapmple lat us analyze products. They can have e.g. manufacturer 
(brand), product type and storage type. We can analyze this by three 
separated hierarchies, but all of them have the same lowest level (same 
table, properties etc). Hieararchies can not be mixed within the same 
analysys so we can't analyze for product type sale by e.g. brand or 
storage type. In order to achieve this i have divided product anda all 
the others into separated one level dimensions which are then joined in 
the cube. This gives the results but but then non empty cross joins give 
meaningles data because product is unique in every of its parent levels.
So my proposal is to have hierarchy that can have more superior levels 
of one level or let say that more levels can share the same lower level. 
This hieararchy is cube like. Product is like fact table having all keys 
to join with its superior levels. All analyses that include levels that 
share some subordinated level would go by joining with that subordinated 
level and then grouping by keys of those superior levels.

Ognjen Milic

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