[Mondrian] mdx Null literal parameter

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 25 18:00:43 EDT 2007

I'm fine with you adding a property.
Look through the code for uses of mdxNullLiteral, and you will notice that
this is used as a special member key value. If you just replace it with a
property, you will have problems if that property has the same value as a
real member - e.g. "". So, this change may not be trivial.
Please make sure there is a unit test which includes a member whose name is
"". That test should work already, and should continue to work after your


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We are interested in adding a parameter in Mondrian.properties to take place
of the hardcoded RolapUtil.mdxNullLiteral variable that is currently set to
"#null". This directly affects how the value is represented in the report
output. The parameter will allow users to set the value to either "#null" or
"" or something else. 
For us it will allow configure the behaviour similar to AS 2000 which shows
it as empty value 

Requesting comments 


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