[Mondrian] Problem with aggregate tables..

Ati Rosselet ati.rosselet at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 20:22:41 EDT 2007

sorry... cut and paste got me.. end of first function ended up after the end
of the 2nd modified function. so

         * Finds ALL the child tables of the fact table with the given
         * used in their left join condition. This is used by the
         * while characterizing the fact table columns. (previous only
returned FIRST child)
       public ArrayList<RolapStar.Table>
findTablesWithLeftJoinCondition(final String columnName)
            java.util.ArrayList<RolapStar.Table> tables = new
            for (Table child : getChildren()) {
                Condition condition = child.joinCondition;
                if (condition != null) {
                    if (condition.left instanceof MondrianDef.Column) {
                        MondrianDef.Column mcolumn =
                            ( MondrianDef.Column) condition.left;
                        if (mcolumn.name.equals(columnName)) {
            return (tables.size()==0?null:tables);

and  remove the return part from other function..

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