[Mondrian] Problem with aggregate tables..

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 18 13:25:25 EDT 2007

Can you clarify? Period and Period2 are based on the same dimension table,
with the same primary key, and the same foreign key from the fact table? 
At this point, it sounds like a bug in the aggregate table recognizer
algorithm. There may be a bug logged already. If you can convert into a
testcase on the foodmart schema that would help.


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Hi, I'll try to be clear here.  
We are running mondrian 2.4 with the Aggregate query generation turned on at
the moment and we have the following, odd situation:

We have 2 dimensions (Period and Period2), both of which reference the same
set of id's 
We have also created the appropriate aggregate table for a certain level,
and all works fine.. kind of.

The problem is that when the query using "Period" runs, the aggregate table
we created is shown on the console, and the database logs show that it used,
and consequently everything is FAST!!  However, when using the "Period2"
dimension, although the EXACT SAME table is shown on the console as a
suggested aggregate table..  it is never used. 

I could understand if it was finding a 'better' table and using that
instead, but rather it is not using any aggregate table at all.  ??????

What situation could cause the processing of an MDX query to list
"suggested" tables, and then NOT use one of them if it exists? 
We've been trying, tweaking etc.. and no change..   at a complete loss
here... any ideas?


(Julian... just found the new mailing list  - thnx... did you shut down the
old spamful one?) 

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