[Mondrian] The same dimensions in crossjoin

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 4 12:52:36 EDT 2007

Yes, that's a bug. Please log it.
Mondrian can detect that issue at validate time, and it should. There's
another case to the same bug where mondrian cannot detect the duplicate
dimensions until runtime, e.g. crossjoin(dimensions(1).currentmember,
dimensions(1).children). It should give a runtime error, but I'm not sure
that it does. Can you devise a query to test this scenario, compare with
ssas, and add to the bug.


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It seems that I've found one bug:


Mondrian 2.4.2 doesn't complain about crossjoining members of the same


For example the following query works in Mondrian but fails in MSAS 2000:


Crossjoin({[Product].defaultMember},{[Product].defaultMember.firstChild}) on
0 from Sales


Interesting that placing the same dimension on different axes (which
theoretically should cause similar result) causes parser error in Mondrian.


I haven't tested it but I assume this issue is also actual in case of using
different hierarchies of the same dimension in one MDX.


Please confirm this is a bug and I will add bug report to SourceForge.





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