[Mondrian] The same dimensions in crossjoin

Anton Nikitin cybernelly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 10:26:44 EDT 2007

It seems that I've found one bug:


Mondrian 2.4.2 doesn't complain about crossjoining members of the same


For example the following query works in Mondrian but fails in MSAS 2000:


Crossjoin({[Product].defaultMember},{[Product].defaultMember.firstChild}) on
0 from Sales


Interesting that placing the same dimension on different axes (which
theoretically should cause similar result) causes parser error in Mondrian.


I haven't tested it but I assume this issue is also actual in case of using
different hierarchies of the same dimension in one MDX.


Please confirm this is a bug and I will add bug report to SourceForge.





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