[Mondrian] Reg. MDX Query

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Smruti, please post your questions to the forum.
The name of the mailing list doesn't make it very clear - I am open to
renaming it mondrian-dev if that makes it clearer. Thoughts?


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 This is Mondrian developers forum, please post "ONLY" Mondrian code base
related queries to this forum. 


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[Mondrian] Reg. MDX Query


Hello There , 
Thanks For Reply my prev. Post . It Works fine for me. 
My another Question is  i am using some forecasting Algorithms , 
So in that My Inputs will be Time dimention like 
Year,Quarter,Month, Week ,Day . 
So Suppose user wants last 7 observations to do forecast , so it will be
last 7 years or last 7 quarters  ,etc . 
So Can you tell  me how to get that? 
Suppose user has selected last 10 Quarters then How MDX Query will be like ,

 there is no particular example. in Distributions. I am new to MDX Query , 
Can you please help me ? 
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