[Mondrian] Hiding measure values at certian dimension levels

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Fri Nov 23 06:34:36 EST 2007

> Julian Hyde wrote:
> > Third, could this be achieved using an existing mechanism 
> like calculated
> > members, access control or format strings? Or perhaps 
> handled by the UI
> > entirely?
> >
> Ognjen Milic wrote:
> I achieved this through format string expressions, but then I loose 
> ability of drilling through in JPivot, because there is no drilling 
> through for calculated members and
> no format string expressions for measures.

Suppose we could make trivial calculated members drillable. Would that solve
your problem?

I know people often create trivial calculated members just to change format
strings, e.g.

with member [Measures].[Foo] as ' [Measures].[Unit Sales], FORMAT_STRING
='$#,###.000' '
select {[Measures].[Foo]} 


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