[Mondrian] pentaho and hypersonic

Agustin Campos aguscampos at terra.es
Thu Nov 22 15:31:11 EST 2007

I am not sure if this is the right mailing list. If it is not, please, tell

I've installed pentaho using this howto:

It works rightly on Tomcat, which is the web application server that I need.

Now, I don't need hypersonic. But, if I want to load pentaho, I get some
exceptions and in the end I have to load that database to make everything
work. I've tryed not loading it, but, as I say, I have no choice to execute

Where do I tell pentaho to not to use it?

I have deleted all <reference> calls that I don't need (summing up: I only
have my database's access, I DON?T HAVE references to sampledata and those).

That is one of my problems.

I have another one: I am asked to log-in whenever I start Tomcat. I know I
have a combo-box where I choose an user .The case is that I don't need that
page. Where can I tell Pentaho to not to redirect me to the Login.jsp?

I have some more questions, but I will wait for some answers and then, I'll
ask more.

Thank you a lot:
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