[Mondrian] RE: Mondrian fix

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Wed Nov 21 11:42:38 EST 2007


> Yesterday I filed a mondrian bug report regarding
> RolapVirtualCubeMeasures. The problem was that it's caption wasn't
> set.
> I debugged mondrian 2.3.2 and was able to fix it. This was the first
> time I looked at mondrians code and wasn't sure my patch was
> implemented at the right place. I have now spent some more time on it
> and have a patch that I would like to commit into your source
> repository.
> What's your suggestion to get this done?
> Would you like me to write a unit test for my patch and send 
> you my code?

If you can write a unit test, that would be great. Probably one extra method
in VirtualcubeTest would do it.

Send me the full text of each of the files you modify, and I take care of
merging into the main line.



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