[Mondrian] ValidMeasure() combined with Aggregate()

Ajit Vasudeo Joglekar ajogleka at thoughtworks.com
Wed Nov 21 06:17:53 EST 2007

> I don't understand why it is necessary to eliminate duplicate 'all' 
members. Can you explain in more detail why this is necessary?

In aggregate evaluation
With [Measures].[Unit Sales] and a set like this
([Gender].[All Gender].[M],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses].[USA].[CA]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[F],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses].[USA].[CA]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[M],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses].[USA].[WA]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[F],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses].[USA].[WA])

When we pull up the non joining Warehouse dimension, it becomes
([Gender].[All Gender].[M],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[F],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[M],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses]),
([Gender].[All Gender].[F],[Warehouse].[All Warehouses])
and we get duplicates

> Would it make more sense to add it as a property of VirtualCubeMeasure, 
or to add a new element VirtualCubeCubeUsage? Or the simplest thing would 
be to add it to the VirtualCube itself.

Adding it on the VirtualCube itself will rule out the possibility of 
having combination of measures with and without IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions 
in the same VirtualCube
I think adding it to VirtualCubeMeasure will be fine grain and too 
verbose. Adding a VirtualCubeCubeUsage could be optimal. Are there any 
other attributes that we can add to this element? If there are no other 
attributes then how about something like following in the VirtualCube?

        <Cube name="Sales" />
        <Cube name="HR" />

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