[Mondrian] Hiding measure values at certian dimension levels

Ognjen Milic ognjen.milic at asw.eu
Tue Nov 20 02:55:58 EST 2007

Julian Hyde wrote:
> The requirement seems to make sense, but I have some questions about the
> implementation. The devil is in the details, they always say.
> First, can you explain whether the measures would be hidden within
> calculations (i.e. null or throw an exception if accessed) or merely appear
> blank when rendered in the UI.
It is better just to appear blank just in UI because if we have only 
measures like that in MDX qurery we would get empty results set and 
there will be no table in JPivot.
Actualy there are products in storages, but there is no sense to show 
their sum.

I tried this making dummy measure NullMeasure with MeasureExpression 
<MeasureExpression><SQL dialect="oracle">null</SQL></MeasureExpression>
> Second, your example shows one level being hidden; how would you deal with
> multiple levels being hidden (comma-separated level names might be tricky to
> parse) or more generally still, wanting to hide at some members of a level
> but not others. 
This could be achieved by entering new tag for Measures and Calculated 
members e.g.
<HideMemberOn dimension = "Product" hierarchy="default" level="All"/>
<HideMemberOn dimension = "Product" hierarchy="default" level="Product 

Ability of hidig in multiple levels would be good specialy when we want 
to show price. Becaues price of the same product is not the same in one 
storage (market) as in another one.
Price is not aggregate data at all

> Third, could this be achieved using an existing mechanism like calculated
> members, access control or format strings? Or perhaps handled by the UI
> entirely?
I achieved this through format string expressions, but then I loose 
ability of drilling through in JPivot, because there is no drilling 
through for calculated members and
no format string expressions for measures.

Ognjen Milic
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>> I wrote about this on the Mondrian forum, but I want to 
>> mention this on 
>> mailing list because I consider it important.
>> Some measure values should be hidden at certain levels of dimension.
>> If we have dimension Product  (as in foodmart) it has no sense to sum 
>> Unit Sales or Store sales in All Products level or in Product 
>> Department 
>> etc because different product have different measure units.
>> It has no sense to show sum of kilograms, liters and pieces. 
>> It is OK to 
>> calculate it through SQL queries, but not to show it.
>> So it would be very useful when we would have some 
>> CalculatedMemberProperty that could make dimesion value visible (or 
>> hidden) on certain levels.
>> This could be somethin like
>> <CalculatedMemberProperty name="HIDE_VALUE_ON" value="[Product].[All 
>> Products]"/>
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