[Mondrian] Hiding measure values at certian dimension levels

Ognjen Milic ognjen.milic at asw.eu
Mon Nov 19 02:39:35 EST 2007

I wrote about this on the Mondrian forum, but I want to mention this on 
mailing list because I consider it important.

Some measure values should be hidden at certain levels of dimension.

If we have dimension Product  (as in foodmart) it has no sense to sum 
Unit Sales or Store sales in All Products level or in Product Department 
etc because different product have different measure units.
It has no sense to show sum of kilograms, liters and pieces. It is OK to 
calculate it through SQL queries, but not to show it.

So it would be very useful when we would have some 
CalculatedMemberProperty that could make dimesion value visible (or 
hidden) on certain levels.

This could be somethin like

<CalculatedMemberProperty name="HIDE_VALUE_ON" value="[Product].[All 

Ognjen Milic

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