[Mondrian] MDX from Excel 2007

Anton Nikitin cybernelly at gmail.com
Wed May 30 11:17:25 EDT 2007

Today I was experimenting with Excel 2007 pivot tables and found that it
generates a bit crazy MDX statements. 


For example, very simple GUI navigation steps cause the following MDX:



    SET [XL_Row_Dim_0] AS
Customers].[USA]), Descendants([Customers].[All Customers].[USA])})))'  


    NON EMPTY Hierarchize({[Time].[Year].members}) ON COLUMNS , 

    NON EMPTY Hierarchize(Intersect({DrilldownLevel({[Customers].[All
Customers]})}, [XL_Row_Dim_0])) ON ROWS  

FROM [Sales] 

WHERE ([Measures].[Store Sales])


Mondrian doesn't correctly processes this one (results differ from MSAS




P.S. IMHO it may concern Pentaho Spreadsheet Services

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