[Mondrian] Help in Chart

miguel mvillagomez at sayab.com.mx
Tue May 29 14:36:28 EDT 2007

I was working with Mondrian and I have a question without solution. I
to configure the graphic that Mondrian shows, I need that when people
to Mondrian they see only the graphic about my "query".  I was looking
all Mondrian files, and I found this into web.xml file:

    <description>Default configuration created for
With this I understand that:
1. I need the GetChart servlet, in order to configure the graphic type,
values to show it, axis name, etc.  
2. I can find this file into: mondrian/WEB-INF/lib/jpivot.jar
3. I need to modify this file.

Then my questions are:
1. How Can I modify this file? or What file I need to modify?
2. How Can I configure Mondrian graphics in order to it maintain the
that I put as a default values?

Thanks in advance and regards,

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