[Mondrian] Cold start

Pablo Sendín pablo at enigma.det.uvigo.es
Tue May 29 11:34:57 EDT 2007

Good day all,

I am looking for procedures for cold start, ideas and designs to speed 
that up. In Mondrian roadmap I could read this option:
> Command for mondrian to serialize cache state (definitions and data) 
> to disk. When mondrian starts, read the cache state from disk
You know if this feature is implemented in Mondrian Project?  Is there 
any API or procedure to store the Mondrian cache into the disk?

Thanks for all,

Pablo Sendín
Grupo de Tecnoloxías da Información (GTI), DET - ETSE Telecomunicación
pablo at enigma.det.uvigo.es 
(+34) 986 813 407
(+34) 627 441 193

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