[Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Fri May 25 15:20:58 EDT 2007


 There was a communication issue in publishing the latest build log to
the hydromatic.net <http://hydromatic.net/>  server, because of which
you were seeing stale results. 
 With your latest check-in we got green build. 


 But still an issue concerns me, to get ResultComparatorTest passing we
have moved DialectTest to run after RolapConnectionTest, with latest
modifications I tried moving it back to run DialectTest before
RolapConnectionTest, still it fails. We tried in different Access

The problem was with RolapConnectionTest, which was triggering a bug in
sun's jdbc-odbc bridge. I knew about the bug, and thought I had a
workaround, but it turned out that I needed to do more cleanup to
de-confuse the bridge. Moving DialectTest around meant that
RolapConnectionTest was not the first test to ask for a JDBC connection,
and somehow triggered this bug. Fixed in change 9329.
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