[Mondrian] Virtual cube problem with Foodmart schema

Dejan Gambin dejan.gambin at coin.hr
Wed May 23 14:58:59 EDT 2007


First, I don't know if this list is reserved for developers only. If yes,
then I appologize and I won't report this kind of problems again.

I am trying to define a virtual cube for my fact tables that have the same
structure but different granularity. I have an "Actual" table with monthly
data and "Budget" table with yearly data. I have read that VirtualCube is
good in solving this type of problems.

So I have defined my shared dimensions, two cubes and a virtual cube, but it
doesn't work. I get "This page cannot be accessed directly. It must be
linked to from other pages" error. I don't get any valuable error from
server log, only "Base.ERROR_0002 - Component execution failed" and
java.lang.NullExceptionError below.

If I remove the <VirtualCube>...</VirtualCube> part it still doesn't work,
but it works fine when removing either of two cubes from the schema (only
one cube left)

Besides the problem with my own schema, I cannot make it work with FoodMart
schema (that is using virtual cube) either.

I would appreciate any help since I don't know it this is supported at all
in Pentaho 1.2 GA (preconfigured install)

thanks very much

regards, dejan

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