[Mondrian] Explicit aggregate tables

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Tue May 22 16:58:35 EDT 2007


Is there a way to explicitly choose particular aggregate tables without
specifying the roles of all of the columns?

I have read
ng_explicit and the example therein. But I would like to just write

 <Cube name="Sales">
  <Table name="sales_fact_1997">     
    <AggName name="agg_c10_sales_fact_1997"/>


without any embedded AggFactCount, AggForeignKey, AggMeasure, AggLevel
elements, and have it figure out the purposes of the columns. I tried
AggPattern instead of AggName, still no luck.

I also found that when I made a mistake, it printed 

Too many errors, '1', while loading/reloadin aggregates.

but did not tell me what the errors were!


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