[Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed

Thiyagu Palanisamy tpalanis at thoughtworks.com
Wed May 2 04:45:50 EDT 2007

 We had a long weekend(4days),  during that time our network went down and 
affected the cruisecontrol too, everything back to normal. 
 I'm looking into how to handle these kind of situations in future.


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RE: [Mondrian] Mondrian Build Failed

> Will wrote:
> According to Cruise Control, there are still 15 failures:
>  http://cruisecontrol.hydromatic.net/buildresults/mondrian
> Thiyagu, have you had a chance to look at the causes of these 
> failures?

Thanks, Will. I will pull your changes and double-check.

Thiyagu, It looks like cruisecontrol is wedged. The status has been
'building' for 5 days. Normally if the build is failing, CC will run a
build every 10 minutes or so, and shower us all with angry emails.
Happily this time it did not.


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