[Mondrian] RE: Streamlining jpivot release with mondrian release

Pappyn Bart Bart.Pappyn at vandewiele.com
Mon Mar 26 02:52:17 EDT 2007

Bug 1613861 is solved in 8424, this bug relates to calculated members that where not displayed in xmla mode and visible flag was ignored.
The disappearing slicer problem is also solved in change 8207, I remember we had conversations about this in the mailing list, you solved the bug, but a bug ticket was never created.


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Pedro and Bart,
There may be bugs logged against mondrian and jpivot which are fixed but which I have forgotten to mark closed. If I have missed any, let me know, and I will mark them closed, and update the bug list in the release notes.


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	Hi Bart,
	as you know, I've been posting XMLA issues on jpivot--mondrian. As well as I have mailed to Julian some bug fixing, I have mailed to Andreas some bug fixing too. Andreas told me that these fixes were checked in.
	Here is our mail exchange:
	thanks for the files, I have checked in the resources. But I did not check in the changes of the TableModel, here I would suggest another approach: 
	No we have  XMLA_DrillThroughTableModel extends AbstractTableModel and MondrianDrillThroughTableModel extends AbstractTableModel. Instead of changing the WCF interface (and require that all TableModels in the world have to implement setTitle()) better create an intermediate abstract class "DrillThroughTableModel extends AbstractTableModel" and make XMLA_DrillThroughTableModel and MondrianDrillThroughTableModel extend this new class. Then you can add drill-through specific behaviour into the new class. 
Andreas Voss <andreas at a-voss.de> 

26.01.2007 07:08 

"Andreas @ tonbeller" <av at tonbeller.com> 
[Fwd: Rv: Spanish translation] 	


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	Betreff: Rv: Spanish translation
	Datum: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 03:33:23 -0800 (PST)
	Von: Pedro Casals <pcasalsfradera at yahoo.com>
	An: andreas at a-voss.de
	Hi Andreas:
	I send you the zip files. I prefer that you them in CVS rather than me. 
	I include:
	wcf-resources.zip: All spanish resource files for wcf.jar
	jpivot-resources.zip: All spanish resource files for jpivot.jar
	wcf-src: I have added an extra setter in TableModel interface, so that 
	the title can be localized in the table. I've added the corresponding 
	setter to thoses the classes (just 2) that implements the interface.
	The drill throug table title was hard coded in the code. This solves 
	this issue.
	jpivot-src: DrillThroughUI.java: I've changed some hard coded messages 
	to a resource string.
	The solution to the bug  1592563 (follow link: 
	changing classes:
	XML_SOAP.java: as documented in the bug, part 1). Error in drill through
	XMLA_DrillThroughTableModel.java: the solution of part 2). Filters nos 
	applied in drill through
	Still trying to solve slicer selection text is not properly shown in 
	navigator. Most probably, part 2) of bug 1592563 and this one are 
	related. However, I think that the proposed solution works perfectly and 
	is easier to mantain.
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	De: Andreas Voss <avix at users.sourceforge.net>
	Para: Pedro Casals <pedrix at users.sourceforge.net>
	Enviado: miércoles, 17 de enero, 2007 20:45:22
	Asunto: Re: Spanish translation
	Hi Pedro,
	thanks for the offer! I dont know how the easiest way would be, you
	could either send me a zip file containing the properties files in
	subdirectories so I know where to put them. Or I could open up CVS for
	you so you can check them in yourself. What do you think?
	Pedro Casals schrieb:
	> Message body follows:
	> Hello Andreas:
	> I've translated jPivot to spanish. I you tell me how, I 
	> could provide you all the spanish .properties files.
	> YOurs,
	> Pedro 
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	Asunto: [Mondrian] RE: Streamlining jpivot release with mondrian release
	As you know, mondrian releases contain a version of jpivot. When I make a mondrian release, I generally sync up to the latest jpivot code.
	So, the version of jpivot that comes with a mondrian release is in some sense a 'release'. I would rather have an official jpivot release, of course.


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		To: Andreas_Voss at tonbeller.com; Julian Hyde
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		Subject: Streamlining jpivot release with mondrian release
		Hi Andreas, Julian,
		I see a lot of message passing by in the user forums about xmla problems jpivot <-> mondrian. The problems are related to disappearing filters and calculated members that are not shown. I even see people writing their own patches for things that are already solved in jpivot HEAD.  A lot of problems appeared after the release of mondrian 2.2, with introduced a number of incompatibilities with jpivot.
		All of these problems should be solved in upcoming mondrian 2.3 and jpivot HEAD.
		These changes are not in jpivot 1.6.  Should it not be advised to release a jpivot 1.7 (or 1.6.x) in sync with the release of mondrian 2.3?  And include this version of jpivot in the mondrian distribution and visa versa?
		Julian : Could you mention the bug fixes concerning xmla in the 2.3 release notes?

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