[Mondrian] Datatype in MDSCHEMA_MEASURES

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Fri Mar 23 21:06:15 EDT 2007

Here's the code, from RowsetDefinition.java:
            // DATA_TYPE DBType best guess is string
            int dbType = DBType.WSTR.userOrdinal;
            String datatype = (String)
            if (datatype != null) {
                if (datatype.equals("Integer")) {
                    dbType = DBType.I4.userOrdinal;
                } else if (datatype.equals("Numeric")) {
                    dbType = DBType.R8.userOrdinal;
                } else {
                    dbType = DBType.WSTR.userOrdinal;
            row.set(DataType.name, dbType);

It suggests that you can override by setting the DATATYPE property of
the calculated member to "Integer" or "Numeric".


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Calculated members appear to always have a datatype of WSTR (130)
specified in the XMLA response.  This looks like a bug.  Anyone have
additional information?

        <MEASURE_NAME>Profit Growth</MEASURE_NAME>
        <DESCRIPTION>Sales Cube - Profit Growth Member</DESCRIPTION>

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