[Mondrian] RE: Streamlining jpivot release with mondrian release

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Fri Mar 23 12:20:54 EDT 2007

As you know, mondrian releases contain a version of jpivot. When I make
a mondrian release, I generally sync up to the latest jpivot code.
So, the version of jpivot that comes with a mondrian release is in some
sense a 'release'. I would rather have an official jpivot release, of


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Subject: Streamlining jpivot release with mondrian release

Hi Andreas, Julian,
I see a lot of message passing by in the user forums about xmla problems
jpivot <-> mondrian. The problems are related to disappearing filters
and calculated members that are not shown. I even see people writing
their own patches for things that are already solved in jpivot HEAD.  A
lot of problems appeared after the release of mondrian 2.2, with
introduced a number of incompatibilities with jpivot.
All of these problems should be solved in upcoming mondrian 2.3 and
jpivot HEAD.
These changes are not in jpivot 1.6.  Should it not be advised to
release a jpivot 1.7 (or 1.6.x) in sync with the release of mondrian
2.3?  And include this version of jpivot in the mondrian distribution
and visa versa?
Julian : Could you mention the bug fixes concerning xmla in the 2.3
release notes?

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