[Mondrian] RE: [Mondrian-users] Mondrian's transition from sourceforge.net topentaho.org: How was it for you?

Pappyn Bart Bart.Pappyn at vandewiele.com
Tue Mar 20 06:44:31 EDT 2007

Hi Julian,
I have a problem to unsubscribe from the old lists.
I notice the old forums you re-enabled can only be accessed by project
members or administrators.
But due to the fact I was subscribed in the past as the user weavelink
(now I am using bppn), I cannot unsubscribe.
I get this message :
Access to this page is restricted (either to project members or to
project administrators) and you do not meet the requirements to access
this page. Please contact the administrator of this project for further


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	Bart Pappyn wrote: 
	I subscribed to the new pentaho mailing list and forums, but I
never got the opportunity to unsubscribe from the old forums and mailing
	list.  I cannot access those pages any more since they are
removed.  But since this happened, I am receiving a lot of spam from
	old lists and forums, something I did not receive before the
transition.  Maybe I need to contact sourceforge support for that, if I
find some time.

Oops, I didn't realise that you couldn't unsubscribe. I have re-enabled
mailing lists and forums for one week only so that you can unsubscribe. 

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