[Mondrian] Re: Mondrian's transition from sourceforge.net topentaho.org: How was it for you?

Doug Moran dmoran at pentaho.org
Sat Mar 17 00:08:07 EDT 2007

I will find a way to make the mailing list work for the Mondrian community.

I am not completely sure I understand the way the old list worked or even
how this one does.  I just subscribed to both the regular mode and digest
mode to get familiar and to see how you are using it.

Forgive me if I am a little slow.  Are you saying that you want to get one
email for each post or you want one daily email with the full body of each
post for that day? 

I have no doubt that we can figure something out either way or have both as
an option.  If you had any other ideas that would help make your experience
more productive, please let me know.

I'll report back when I have answers.  In the mean time I will "walk in your
shoes" for a while.


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Pappyn Bart wrote:
> With the old forums, I was able to receive the full messages as email,

> now I am only getting a daily digest, containing only the subject.
> Since then, I notice I do not take time to browse to the website and
> read / answer messages.

I would also really like a full single-message daily digest.  Having to
click through the links is a lot of work, so I end up not participating

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