[Mondrian] RE: [Mondrian-devel] Mondrian's transition fromsourceforge.net topentaho.org: How was it for you?

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Comment to 1) Left behind.
I subscribed to the new pentaho mailing list and forums, but I never got
the opportunity to unsubscribe from the old forums and mailing
list.  I cannot access those pages any more since they are removed.  But
since this happened, I am receiving a lot of spam from those
old lists and forums, something I did not receive before the transition.
Maybe I need to contact sourceforge support for that, if I find some

Oops, I didn't realise that you couldn't unsubscribe. I have re-enabled
mailing lists and forums for one week only so that you can unsubscribe.

Comment to 2) Subscribing to forums
With the old forums, I was able to receive the full messages as email,
now I am only getting a daily digest, containing only the subject.  
Since then, I notice I do not take time to browse to the website and
read / answer messages.
Anyhow, the old forums also had annoying things : I could not reply
using my email client and I did not receive my own post as email. 

There are still comments coming in on this issue. I will reply when I've
received more input.

Comment to the mondrian mailing list
I notice some non-mondrian developers are starting to use the mailing
list.  I think it would be much better to keep things separate,
maybe if non-developers want to use a mailing list instead of the
forums, there could be another non-developer mailing list created?
Something like devel and user ?  

I would go for a developers list and a users forum.
I like the idea of a developers-only list, and note that
mondrian at pentaho.org has effectively become that. I agree that the
mondrian-devel was a little defocused, and we want to avoid that. The
mondrian at pentaho.org list will shortly have the daily 'spam' of a build
report, which will have the effect of deterring non-committers. (He he.)
If the volume of general questions to the list increases, we can
implement access-controls.
I would like to keep user posts in one place (either a forum or a list).
Provided we can improve the mechanism for subscribing to forums (see
above), I think the forum is preferable, and so we would not need a user
mailing list.
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