[Mondrian] RE: [Mondrian-devel] Mondrian's transition from sourceforge.net topentaho.org: How was it for you?

Pappyn Bart Bart.Pappyn at vandewiele.com
Fri Mar 16 04:55:52 EDT 2007

Comment to 1) Left behind.
I subscribed to the new pentaho mailing list and forums, but I never got
the opportunity to unsubscribe from the old forums and mailing
list.  I cannot access those pages any more since they are removed.  But
since this happened, I am receiving a lot of spam from those
old lists and forums, something I did not receive before the transition.
Maybe I need to contact sourceforge support for that, if I find some
Comment to 2) Subscribing to forums
With the old forums, I was able to receive the full messages as email,
now I am only getting a daily digest, containing only the subject.  
Since then, I notice I do not take time to browse to the website and
read / answer messages.
Anyhow, the old forums also had annoying things : I could not reply
using my email client and I did not receive my own post as email.
Comment to the mondrian mailing list
I notice some non-mondrian developers are starting to use the mailing
list.  I think it would be much better to keep things separate,
maybe if non-developers want to use a mailing list instead of the
forums, there could be another non-developer mailing list created?
Something like devel and user ? 


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Subject: [Mondrian-devel] Mondrian's transition from sourceforge.net
topentaho.org: How was it for you?

A few months ago we transitioned the forums and mailing lists of the
Mondrian project from SourceForge.net to Pentaho.org. The goal was a
better experience for you, the mondrian community, by using a better
forum software, and closer integration with other Pentaho projects, and
I think we have achieved that goal.

But change is always disruptive, and although we tried to make the
transition as smooth as possible, we knew there would be problems. So,
I'd like to find out how the transition went for you, and what we could
do to improve things.

A few common problems have come to light:

1. Left behind!

Some SourceForge users are still subscribed to the SourceForge lists and
forums because they didn't know the transition was taking place.

If you are a member of the mondrian-devel or mondrian-users mailing
lists, or a subscriber to the Help or Open Discussion forums at
SourceForge, sign up for the Pentaho list and forum:

*	The forum (http://forums.pentaho.org/forumdisplay.php?f=79) 
*	The mailing list, mondrian at pentaho.org is a general mailing
list, but the discussion up til now tends to be oriented to commiters
(e.g. internal design issues)

Bugs and feature requests are still logged at SourceForge.net (

2. Subscribing to forums

One neat feature at SourceForge is the ability to subscribe to a forum,
so you receive an email every time someone creates a new thread or posts
to an existing thread. This is a useful feature for people who want to
keep up with the latest news, but don't want to log in to the forums
every day, or who like to read forum posts while offline.

When we rolled out the Pentaho forums, we didn't make it clear that the
same functionality existed. Here's how.

To subscribe to a forum, click on 'Forum Tools', then choose 'Subscribe
to this Forum'. You can choose between daily and weekly emails.

3. Mondrian's independence

Some people were worried that Mondrian is 'becoming part of Pentaho',
and losing its independence.

The folks at Pentaho are committed to building a BI suite using Open
Source development model. That means integrating mondrian with
best-of-breed projects, acquiring some of those projects to have a
greater say over those projects' direction, and starting new projects
where there is missing functionality. Pentaho knows that Open Source
works best when the components:

*	can be built and installed independently of each other; 
*	are based on open standards (where they exist); 
*	are released under a commercial-friendly license; and 
*	are fostered by open communication with each component's

Pentaho is committed to those principles, because those values help us
build the best possible Open Source BI suite. Because Pentaho care about
these issues, they recently appointed a VP responsible for Community,
Doug Moran.

And yes, those principles sometimes mean that we are collaborating with
projects and organizations that some would consider competitors. We
relish that. That's the beauty of open source!

Other problems?

Are there problems which have prevented you being as successful with the
Pentaho forums and lists as you were when Mondrian was wholly hosted at
SourceForge? Let us know.


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