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Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
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Pentaho Spreadsheet Services is the only product I know that can connect
Excel to Mondrian via XML/A.
It's not open-source, but it's not very expensive, and it is supported
by Pentaho, the company which Mondrian is part of.


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I am Spanish but I am living and working in Austria, I’m sorry by the
mixture of languages 

I  Know the ‘Pentaho Spreadsheet Services’, but neither it is free nor
open source.






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Dear Tomas,

I'm very puzzled cause you got a spanish name, and you put english and
german words together.
However, I can't advise on such a tool, cause I think there is none.
Have you had a look at the whole mondrian project ? 

Best regards,


2007/3/15, Tomás Martínez Soldevilla (BBI) <tomas.martinez at bbi.co.at>:


i need du use the MS-Excel als Mondrian Frond end. The is a Open Source
Solution to connect both tools?

Who has experience with Excel and Mondiran ?



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