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Pranav.Matekar at zycus.com Pranav.Matekar at zycus.com
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hi Julian 

can u tell us,
 when can we get new version of mondrian with iterator-based evaluation 
i want to test this types of queries on that version

can u suggest,
which types of analytical server (MOLAP,ROLAP,HOLAP) or which currently 
available analytical server can provide me faster result for such( top in 
top ) type of queries ? 


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RE: [Mondrian] Mondrian performance

The query you are executing is a classic BAD query for mondrian. It 
requires a lot of intermediate results -- the cartesian product of the 
dimensions you are generating over -- in memory, so it will take a lot of 
time and a lot of memory.
The iterator-based evaluation mechanism which Richard Emberson recently 
introduced may help with some queries of this style, but that mechanism is 
not fully mature yet.
Those kind of queries are well outside mondrian's sweet spot. I recommend 
that you don't use mondrian for them.

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i am new to this group 
currently i am evaluating mondrian 

i have done some testing on mondrian 
with 6,000,000 records 

and 60,000 elements in one dimension 
and 6000 elements in others 10 dimensions 

i have used top in top, ie. top 10 supplier of top 10 categories (60,000 
suppliers ),  via using generate and topcount 
it's taking more than 10 min 

and if i am applying filters on this query 
result is not coming 

i am currently testing via oracle 
i have created indexing on each column of star schema 
i have done analyze schema on oracle 

i used following setting 

i checked logging of mondrian 
it's doing top in memory 
for 60,000 elements, if mondrian is doing top in memory and i am using top 
in top for this dimension with filters 
getting result in 1 min is difficult. 

is there any solution for this problem? 

thank you. 

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