[Mondrian] RolapResultTest failing

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Tue Mar 6 04:45:37 EST 2007

Can you wrap the expected-result strings in the 'TestContext.fold()'
function. That should fix the problem. The idea is that you use '\n'
characters on all platforms, and fold() will convert to '\r\n' as
Also, most of those tests should just use
TestContext.assertQueryReturns(String, String).


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After running regression tests on my system (Windows 2003, jdk1.5.0_10),
I notice
both test in RolapResultTest are failing.
At first, I looks like both results are the same, but taking a closer
look, using the debugger,
I notice that the resultString contains \r and the RESULTS_ALL string
not.  I think this has
something to do with the fact I am running the tests on a Windows
testAll() :
Actual :
"resultString"= "Axis #0:\r\n{}\r\nAxis #1:\r\n{[D1].[All
D1s].[a]}\r\n{[D1].[All D1s].[b]}\r\n{[D1].[All D1s].[c]}\r\nAxis
#2:\r\n{[D2].[All D2s].[x]}\r\n{[D2].[All D2s].[y]}\r\n{[D2].[All
D2s].[z]}\r\nRow #0: 5\r\nRow #0: \r\nRow #0: \r\nRow #1: \r\nRow #1:
10\r\nRow #1: \r\nRow #2: \r\nRow #2: \r\nRow #2: 15\r\n"

"RESULTS_ALL"= "Axis #0:\n{}\nAxis #1:\n{[D1].[All D1s].[a]}\n{[D1].[All
D1s].[b]}\n{[D1].[All D1s].[c]}\nAxis #2:\n{[D2].[All
D2s].[x]}\n{[D2].[All D2s].[y]}\n{[D2].[All D2s].[z]}\nRow #0: 5\nRow
#0: \nRow #0: \nRow #1: \nRow #1: 10\nRow #1: \nRow #2: \nRow #2: \nRow
#2: 15\n"

I guess this has something to do with the way you have written the
assert.  Can you give a
try with assertEquals instead ?

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