[Mondrian] Util.lookupCompound MatchType BEFORE

Zelaine Fong zfong at lucidera.com
Mon Mar 5 12:03:32 EST 2007


I believe I put in that code.  And you're right.  It should be returning 
the last child of bestChild's previous sibling.  Is this something you 
need a fix for a right away?

-- Zelaine

Richard Emberson wrote:
> This is a question concerning what happens when the
> match type is MatchType.BEFORE.
> In the method Util.lookupCompound(), there is a comment:
>   // if we're doing a non-exact match, and we find a non-exact
>   // match, then for an after match, return the first child
>   // of each subsequent level; for a before match, return the
>   // last child
> I understand why the match type AFTER returns the next child,
> childrenList.get(0);
> , but why for match type BEFORE is the last child in the same
> list returned,
> childrenList.get(children.length - 1);
> Why is it not the last child in the bestChild's previous
> sibling returned?
> Richard

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