[Mondrian] Re: Mondrian in my Java Program

Laurent Valdes valderama at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 08:06:53 EST 2007

Glassfish libraries are in classpath, but I'm not using glassfish. The
program is run from the command line.
However I'll have a look at this.

Many thanks,


2007/3/4, michael bienstein <mbienstein at yahoo.fr>:
> Just a guess:
> /C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/VALDES.SUPRATEC_NT/Bureau/pentaho/mondrian-
> 2.2.2/lib/mondrian.jar
> /C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/VALDES.SUPRATEC_NT/Bureau/pentaho/mondrian-
> 2.2.2/mondrian-2.2.2-src/mondrian-2.2.2/src/main/
> Why do you have the src and the jar at the same time?  The source isn't
> compiled so it shouldn't be there.  BUT if Glassfish does some on-the-fly
> compiling and that directory is higher in the class path, then the inner
> class for MondrianDef might - just might - be found and bind to the wrong
> classpath entry blocking MondrianDef from being found correctly since it is
> a generated file?
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