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The type you site is actually the JVM internal type string for an ARRAY of Member.  The open square bracket gives the hint.  You shouldn't need to look at that sort of thing, but just for information, the internal representation of boolean is Z, of int is I, long J, float F, double D etc ... an object type is L<name of class or interface>; and an array of some type is the square bracket followed by the internal type string.

Now, the point is that you need to know the types of parameters you are really going to get in your UDF.  You shouldn't need to guess this sort of thing.

Can you also post your original MDX?  There is probably an optimization that is possible.


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hi Julian,

thanks Julian.

it's true that such query is very bad.

i think userdefined function will help

so that i am trying some specific types
of queries via using userdefined functions

currently i am facing one small problem,
in writing userdefined functions.

i am getting one object of 


this class

there is interface of type mondrian.olap.member

i tried to cast it with this interface.

but it's giving class cast exception.

can u give me some information about
such types of object?

thank you.

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