[Mondrian] Mondrian performance

Pranav.Matekar at zycus.com Pranav.Matekar at zycus.com
Sat Mar 3 03:18:18 EST 2007


i am new to this group
currently i am evaluating mondrian

i have done some testing on mondrian 
with 6,000,000 records

and 60,000 elements in one dimension 
and 6000 elements in others 10 dimensions

i have used top in top, ie. top 10 supplier of top 10 categories (60,000 
suppliers ),  via using generate and topcount
it's taking more than 10 min

and if i am applying filters on this query
result is not coming

i am currently testing via oracle
i have created indexing on each column of star schema
i have done analyze schema on oracle 

i used following setting

i checked logging of mondrian
it's doing top in memory
for 60,000 elements, if mondrian is doing top in memory and i am using top 
in top for this dimension with filters
getting result in 1 min is difficult.

is there any solution for this problem?

thank you.

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