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Thiyagu Palanisamy tpalanis at thoughtworks.com
Tue Jun 26 11:02:18 EDT 2007

Thanks Julian, It works.

We are able to change null value to 'Missing' using NameExpression with 
COALESCE, eg: COALESCE("promotion"."promotion_name",'Missing').

- Thiyagu

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RE: [Mondrian] #null member

I wonder if we can solve a more general problem: allow people to specify a 
SQL expression for the name of a member. Right now, a member can have 
different columns as the key and the name. If mondrian allowed SQL 
expressions for the name, then you could write NVL(key_column, 'Missing') 
as the name expression.
It's possible that this already works - give it a try.

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We have dimension tables which will include a row with null for the member 
value.  These members end up getting represented in Mondrian as '#null'. 
For various reasons we can't change how this member is represented in the 
database table.  Ideally we would like to set how this gets displayed to 
give a more user friendly value, like 'Missing'. 

How would people feel about allowing a configurable representation of 
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