[Mondrian] generateSql output to a file, agg field names

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Mon Jun 25 19:15:59 EDT 2007

> It would great if that also includes an example 
> log4j config 
> file showing how to do so.

I second that. I think what's needed is to obsolete the
mondrian.trace.level property and use log4j to control the trace level
and where it goes to.

Sherman, Can you do this, and make a pass over the doc (e.g.
http://mondrian.pentaho.org/documentation/faq.php#Tracing) to document
the new way.

> Or better yet, a single switch in 
> mondrian.properties that makes it work all the way (to a file, with 
> needing to also go config log4j).

Let's keep the properties and tracing systems separate. This would be a
case where simplifying things makes them more complicated.


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