[Mondrian] generateSql output to a file, agg field names

Kyle Cordes kyle at kylecordes.com
Mon Jun 25 18:54:18 EDT 2007

Sherman Wood wrote:
> Currently, those messages go to System.out, which is not very useful. I am
> testing out a change that makes the messages go to log4J, so you can set
> up an appender to send them to a file or elsewhere.

Ah, good.  It would great if that also includes an example log4j config 
file showing how to do so.  Or better yet, a single switch in 
mondrian.properties that makes it work all the way (to a file, with 
needing to also go config log4j).

It looks like, when run under Tomcat and JPivot, the SQL comes out 3 
times instead of once.  I know the intention is to run from the command 
line - but it's also potentially helpful to use JPivot to put together a 
query that would use aggregates, then look at the agg SQL output.

I also learned, from the agg SQL output, that I need to rename a bunch 
of fields on dimension tables before I make "collapse" aggregates: 
several of my dimensions have a field named "description", so the agg 
tables end up trying to have more than one field by that name.

Kyle Cordes

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