[Mondrian] generateSql output to a file

Kyle Cordes kyle at kylecordes.com
Mon Jun 25 17:00:17 EDT 2007

I turned on agg SQL output:


which helpfully emits the SQL for potentially useful aggregate to the 
standard output.

Can anyone suggest a simple way to get that to land in a file instead?  
I'm running Mondrian under Tomcat (on Windows, for dev), and am hoping 
to not have to dig apart the tomcat startup script or anything like 
that, to redirect it.   Tomcat already sends its own log output to its 
log files.

In the documentation for the mondrian.properties file, there is 
something about log4j; but not anything about what log4j settings to 
use, to persuade Mondrian output go elsewhere.

I already tried the .debug.output.file, and found it emits the SQL used 
to gather data to that file, but still leaves the agg SQL going to stdout.

Surely I could dig through the source, figure out the log4j settings 
from looking in there, etc. But I'm hoping this is a trivial question to 
which I am overlooking an obvious answer.

Kyle Cordes

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