[Mondrian] how to run concurrent MDX queries

Thiyagu Palanisamy tpalanis at thoughtworks.com
Thu Jun 21 02:56:42 EDT 2007


Purpose of ConcurrentMdxTest is to simulate Concurrent access to 
Aggregation and data load. Simulation will be more effective if we run 
this single test again and again with a fresh connection. 
Since we won't achieve much value out of single run and it takes close to 
a minute to complete just a single run we have not added this to Main 

Note: I have updated the java doc of this class with above information.

- Thiyagu

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RE: [Mondrian] how to run concurrent MDX queries

> I am working on developing test cases for mondrian caches. As 
> a part of it, I would like to learn about ways to run MDX 
> queries concurrently. So far I have seen a framework for 
> doing that in these 2 files
> open/mondrian/testsrc/main/mondrian/test/ConcurrentValidatingQ
> ueryRunner.java
> open/mondrian/testsrc/main/mondrian/test/ConcurrentMdxTest.java

ConcurrentMdxTest says "This Class is not added to the Main test suite."
Thiyagu, can you tell me why it is not in the main suite?

> Do we have other ways to run queries concurrently?

There's also ParallelTest.

> Julian, I learned that in the past you have setup ant to run 
> tests in parallel. Could you please point me to some 
> writeup/docs about that?

I don't recall doing that. Ant would tend to create separate processes,
and the kind of errors we are looking for would only occur if there were
multiple threads in the same process.

There's the property mondrian.test.VUsers which sets the number of
threads. Search for VUsers in mondrian.test.Main.


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