[Mondrian] How to change MDX Parsed Query?

Mario Martins mariopmartins at via-rs.net
Mon Jun 18 03:34:19 EDT 2007

Hello Everyone, 

I'm developing a OLAP web tool with jPivot witch is connected to Mondrian by
But, I'm trying to develop a new feature to the OLAP table. I'm developing a
drag'g'drop feature to the dimensions in ROWS or COLS. 

It is very simple, when any dimension is dropped in a Axis it just refreshes
the browser with this information. 
Then before calling the tag <xmla:render>, I'm changing the MDX query to put
this new dimension, but I'm really confused about how to do this with the
MDX Parser. 
I'm trying to use the ParsedQuery implementation in jPivot code, but it is
to complicated. 

I tried to look in the Jpivot Navigator code to see how it does this, but I
could not understand.

Well, does anyone know how to help me?

Thanks in advance,


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