[Mondrian] RolapSchemaReader.isVisible not using Property.VISIBLE

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Sat Jun 16 21:17:05 EDT 2007

> Why does not the RolapSchemaReader.isVisible method
> take into account the value of the Member's Property.VISIBLE?

I think they're using a different definition of visibility.
Member.isVisible says whether a member could possibly come back from an
MDX query - it only hides members which are non-existent in a ragged
hierarchy, and members which are hidden by access-control - whereas the
VISIBLE property says whether it should be displayed in a UI.

For example, you might define a calc member for an intermediate
calculation, and it would be valid in an MDX query result, but you want
to flag it so that the UI will not display it. That's what the VISIBLE
property is for.

The Member.isVisible method draws on the definition of a ragged
hierarchy and access control. For example, the city [Vatican City] would
be invisible, it is the sole child of the nation [Vatican City]. And the
city [Los Angeles] would be invisible to a role which only has access to
eastern cities.

Please clarify the doc if necessary.


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