[Mondrian] how to output of properties in a mdx-query

Matthias Leonhardt mondrian at mleo.net
Fri Jun 15 03:41:13 EDT 2007

hi there,

how can I output the content of the property in jpivot?

I have the following scheme:
<Dimension name="Center" caption="Einkaufscenter">
<Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All Centers"
allMemberCaption="Einkaufscenter" primaryKey="mediumkey">
<Table name="dimmedium"/>
<Level name="CenterName" column="centername" caption="Einkaufscenter"
<Property name="CenterDescription" column="centerdescription"
caption="Centerbeschreibung" />
<Property name="CenterID" column="centerid" caption="CenterID" />

how can I output CenterName, CenterDescription and CenterID in one
MDX-Query, so the user can view it i.e. in a jpivot-table?

thanks for your help,
kind regards,
Matthias Leonhardt

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